Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KINGDOM COME: Royal Intrigues & Spirit Warriors = Anime Soap Opera

Kiba starts out like any other anime…it’s in formula actually. Boy cannot relate with his own world, considered dangerous or misunderstood, then boy is transported to a world beyond his imagination, then boy discovers he has special powers far beyond those who inhabit the world he was thrown into and lastly, boy is given a mission to save that world…as I’ve said it’s anime formula.

But what sets Kiba apart is an adult take on that world. If you liked the movies Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, you’ll like Kiba…it has that, the intrigue and secrets of the royalties…and in this anime, there’s plenty to go around for there are seven kingdoms that make up the world of Tempura. Plus it’s underneath, it’s a soap opera.

But first let’s talk about Zed, yes Zed, you know, the white haired, troubled teen that was has the great spirit of Amil Gaoul inside of him. Zed starts off just like any other 15 year old anime boy…he’s tough and has the eagerness and temper that’ll get him killed…and within the 1st episode he almost did. But of course he is special…how special? Well we still need to find that one out for only half of the 52 episodes have been aired so far…but it’s getting interesting as to which side of which kingdom Zed will align himself to…because, in case you are not watching…Zed isn’t the troubled teen he once was. Now he’s more focused…more determined and now he knows what the bond friendships mean, especially the one he has with Roya, the 16 year old disciple of master Jiku who turned out to be a Task citizen, the place where “Shard Casters” go to die. But Zed didn’t turn his back on her (see, that’s growth!)

Now that we’ve covered the lead character of the series, let’s discuss why Kiba is not a waste of your afternoon time. The fantasy land that is Tempura has enough conflict brewing than if you combine Afghanistan, Sudan, and Gaza altogether. I mean seven kingdoms out to get each other’s throats, C’MON!!! plus you got this badass villain from the kingdom of Jimoto, Hugh who will stop at nothing to gain power. I mean this guy is so ruthless that after having the King of Jimoto, Bakkam marry him and Princess Rebecca he kills him for the spirit that he is keeping! Now that is great soap opera stuff…Tudors eat yer heart out!!!

Those are just the subplots wait till you get to the main plot…which we’ll discuss after the Holy Week.

See You Guys!

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