Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HEAVEN & EARTH: Finishing the Fight

Two words….”AT LAST!!!” Yes the second volume of the tagalized Naruto: Shipuudden adventures is coming…no word yet on the date but ABS-CBN personnel said it’s near…”Near” loosely translated, Malapit na! and that’s pretty good news for all of us anime fans….I mean for me I’ve seen the anime up till the fillers but to hear the tagalized version is still something else. It’s much relatable “Parang nagiging pinoy ang Naruto” and that’s important because for it to be successful it first needs to be relatable. That is the importance of the tagalized animes, which some fans take for granted.

So last time we saw Shipuudden in our small screen, Naruto and Team 7, with Sakura and Sai are on the Heaven and Earth Bridge facing the epitome of all villainy, the slithering Orochimaru. For those who don’t know Orochimaru is actually a figure of Japanese mythology, so is Jiraiya and Tsunade. I wont spoil the surprise of the mythological background but when you read it, it’s actually relatable to the Naruto universe. So anyway…back to the bridge…after the long wait (fortunately not as long as that finale episode of Voltes V or that fight with Vegetta in Dragonball Z) Team 7 and the rest of the Fire country are back hopefully for a longer period of time.

Now to treat all of you, later there will be a teaser posted here of the second season of Shipuudden.

Wait for the next news right here!

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